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The lovely Gemma is spoiling me, after a few days of staring at my load of suitcases and remembering just how much I hate unpacking, it was amazing to see that this lovely blogger had yet again nominated me for a blog award. (I promise you, I’m not paying her). I am a proud recipient of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Hurrah! (Cue fanfare music).

As with the last award, there are a few terms and conditions to abide by which are, luckily, not as boring as those you get with everything you buy and set up nowadays. All you have to do is thank the person who awarded you with said award, produce some brilliantly entertaining facts about yourself (I’ve done seven in a previous post and am already running out) and nominate some other bloggers for the award.

My official thank you to Gemma is below. Click on the picture and you’ll be able to read her fabulous blog.

Thank you Gemma!

A few facts about me:

  • I have just finished university and a currently living back at home and it’s like Noah’s Arc. We have two cats, two hamsters, two cockatiels and one very old rabbit (our second rabbit died a little while ago).
  • I’ve always wanted a typewriter. I feel it would improve my imagination further as it won’t be able to provide me with the distractions that my laptop does.
  • I helped Matilda, our cat, give birth. It was one of the grossest, most traumatic, most amazing things ever. I did it so naturally too, if I do say so myself that I could become a kitty midwife.
  • I love thunder storms and dancing in the rain. This makes me sound like a hippy which I’m not, but dancing in the rain is one of the most enchanting things you’ll do. It has to be heavy rain though, not that wimpy rain.

And then my recommendations are (insert the drum roll here):

  • Kayture: it’s a lovely fashion blog from a beautiful girl. Okay all the clothes worn are way too expensive for me to even consider buying when I am carrying such a huge student debt on my shoulders but still. Pretty things make me happy and this blog is definitely a pretty thing.
  • Bucket List: This woman is amazing. Seriously. Her life seems to be one big adventure, which is what I want my life to be. I’ve been reading it since it was a normal blog written by an extraordinary person and it’s fast expanding due to the appropriately large number of readers. I want to do as much as she does.
  • Trudes: This isn’t technically a blog but a tumblr. It has the most amazing images ever and if I could decorate my house (or my parent’s house if we get technical) full of random beautiful images, 80% of them would come from this tumblr. It’s like a beautiful scrapbook and my organisational skills tingle to see that it’s all so wonderfully colour coordinated!

3 thoughts on “Girls, girls, girls

  1. You are more than welcome! 🙂 I love passing these awards to great blogs like yours! 🙂 I agree, dancing in the rain is amazing! 😀

    • The more I read your blog, the more I realise we have a lot in common! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who loves dancing in the rain 🙂 It’s refreshing and you can’t help but feel like you’re in a movie. Thank you very much for suggesting me yet again, I am sending you virtual hugs through my laptop! 🙂

      • Haha I found that also with the more I read yours! ^_^ It really is, especially when it is those amazing little summer showers while the sun in still shining! 🙂 You are very welcome love! /hugs 😀

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