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Screw beauty


I am sick of people trying to impose ideals of beauty on people – both men and women. I am sick of adverts pretending to be about ‘real women’ only featuring white, young females that are skinny enough to have never eaten bread in their lives. I am sick of magazines screaming at me about a new celebrity having lost or gained weight. I am sick of being told that I beauty is the key to happiness. Screw these damn ideologies of beauty.

I am not bitter, quite the opposite, in fact – it saddens me that people put so much value in their beauty. It infuriates me that this society has made us judge our outer shells so harshly when it plays such little significance to the actual type of people we are.

Men’s beauty is not even discussed in mainstream media, men are either expected to be crazy toned with abs that you could use to grate cheese to go over your baked beans on toast or they are seen as fat, bald and hairy. And speaking of hair – when did that become something so gross? Why does every young human on this planet think it is a good idea to wax everything off? We are not dolls and we’re not made of plastic. The hair industry has grown in financial success every year for too many years. In America, laser hair removal alone is worth £244m. That’s a hell of a lot of money to ensure that you look ‘clean.’ Just wash yourself, it would be cheaper.

Saying that I do shave, mainly because I want to and also because I feel slightly obligated. Which is wrong but I can’t help it. But I do wonder who made up all these rules on the ideal beauty.

Who the hell decided that long hair on women is best? Who came up with the genius idea that women to be defined as sexy should have the waist they had when they were 9-years-old? Who thought that women needed to be so damn perfect?

Recently, and I use that word loosely, thin has been directly linked with beauty. As though if you pass a size 10 you are a) no longer a woman and b) no longer attractive which in turn creates c) you are no longer happy. Advertisements use the word health to disguise an unhealthy message that thin is best, and that you are never thin enough. This is unhealthy for so many reasons I could write another blog post entirely on that. This is why people aren’t happy, this is why insecurity is as common as blinking. We are constantly trying to achieve a beauty that we haven’t even given ourselves a chance to consider.

We accept this ideology of beauty straight away. Digest it happily and then beat ourselves up for not achieving what wonderful cameras, good editing and great photoshop skills can do. There’s a reason we cannot achieve that ideal and it’s because it doesn’t exist.

Physical beauty is only skin deep and although it’s important to feel beautiful, it is not the most important thing. It is not the only thing. You are more than beautiful. If that is all there is to you, then you’re selling yourself short. A person is loved and admired because of their actions, their words, their relationships, their personality. Everyone close to you is beautiful to you – that’s more than likely because of their personalities and your relationship with them (not calling your friends and family ugly but you get what I mean).

To tell someone they are beautiful is lovely, and I enjoy getting the compliment as much as the next person. But I would rather be known for my mind, my thoughts, my writing, my work and for how I treat the people I love than for the way my face and body conforms to that tiny cut-out woman shape that the beauty, cosmetic, entertainment and advertising industries persuade us to force ourselves through in order to make us happy.

Trying to conform is not happiness. People are consistently trying to fight stereotypes and being the same through their words and their actions but when it comes to looks everyone seems to want to fit the same template. That isn’t a beautiful way to live life. It’s a way to consistently feel disappointed for falling short of an impossibly high bar.

You are more than beautiful.


9 thoughts on “Screw beauty

  1. Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.

  2. Wonderful post!
    Not wanting to inspire any more ranting or anything, but have you heard about the latest “beauty craze” which we’re supposed to start buying into? Vajacials.
    I just…why?!

    • Thank you! I got a little carried away with my ranting.

      Is that true? A vajacial, dear God I just googled it, our fascination with sex is leading to worrying beauty crazes for our vaginas.

      I honestly don’t even know what to say. If you see any rants in the next few days of crazy beauty treatments and a society obsessed with sex and sexualisation then you know that it is all thanks to you. 🙂

  3. Tell me about this! It painsme to seemy duager being influenced so much by what shesees on tv and by her peers. It is so hard to break that stereotype…it’s not an easy task teaching about ‘real beauty’ but it’s always worth a shot.

    • Very hard to break the stereotype because it’s ingrained from such an early age that it’s hard to sometimes even recognise if you’re doing something because you want to or because you think you should. We’re all allowed to fall into superficiality, but it needs to remain healthy. It’s those impossible ideals that I think need to be truly broken. I’m sure your daughter will realise what influences to ignore, especially if you’re helping her!

  4. This has struck a nerve with me, today I went for my first session of laser hair removal – bikini line and underarm. I wish that I lived in a society that accept adult women have hair or I was brave enough to just not conform to society’s standards – but I don’t and I’m not. And I am fed up with getting shaving rashes and ingrowing hair so going to the permanent option.

    • That makes sense, I feel much the same in that I’ll shave if I’m going to be showing my legs, or my underarms because of a vest top. I like to think I do it because I enjoy the sensation of shaved skin but I know it has more to do with the fact that I feel I have to. It’s logical to consider the permanent option because of this. Body hair sounds like something small but it is something that we have always been told, since we were young, that we should be rid of. To shake off that sentiment is difficult.

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