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I’ve been wanting to resurrect this blog from its cyberspace grave for some time now.

I always put it off because I tell myself I need to rename it, reinvent it and, most importantly, I tell myself I have nothing to write about.

But something happened today that made me want to tell this online space of mine. I wanted to write about it in the hope that others would read it and understand its importance.

A lot has happened since i stopped writing here.

I’ve been very lucky actually. I got a new job, I moved: not once but twice, I’m in a new city and I am living on my own right now in a wonderful little flat – although not for much longer (the boyfriend just got a new job too and will be joining me soon).

Yet all of these changes have not pushed me to write. Instead, they have given me excuses not to: of being too busy, of wanting to focus on all the things going on around me, of not having time, but today that changed.

I went food shopping after a good day at work to a supermarket nearby. I only had a basket of food. I made my way to an empty check out and started putting my food on the conveyer belt. As the cashier wasn’t serving anyone she started scanning my food and packing it into a bag for me.

That’s it.

That gesture of kindness overwhelmed me. It may seem small; a cashier packing your bag. Heck, some of you may be thinking well, isn’t that just what a good cashier does? But it meant a lot to me. So much so in fact that I thanked her several times in a desperate hope of making her see how much it meant to me and she did what most people do and brushed my thanks away with a courteous ‘don’t worry, it’s no problem’.

In fact I was so touched by the gesture that as I walked away, I felt myself well up. I didn’t cry but I that sensation before you do (you know the one) washed over me.

And before you think I am overreacting, hormonal or whatever dismissive thing could be said about my reaction I think it’s more important to realise how sometimes a small act of kindness from a stranger can mean the world to someone.

I’m not sure what it is about this small act that touched me so but rather than psychoanalyse myself as I always do I’ve decided to embrace it and let it inspire me to be more kind.

I like to think I am kind. I helped an old lady carry something to her car very recently for example, but I could do more. I could be more conscious of kind acts and therefore actually do more good as a result.

Being aware of the people, things, and setting around us and interacting with those people, things and setting is important. It reminds us we are part of a community. That not too long ago, we relied on our group units to survive.

It is easy to forget in our day-to-day lives that there are other humans out there aside from our family and friends that have similar, if not the same, insecurities, hopes, aspirations and fears as you.

Connecting with these humans, these strangers – even if it’s through a small but significant act of kindness – helps remind us that we are part of more than what is inside our own boxes.

Our life is like a star in a galaxy. Alone it is bright, but joined together with all those other lives and connecting with them, even if it is with the smallest of gestures, it becomes brilliant. A beautiful sight to behold.


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