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I hated P.E but I loved the Olympics

The Olympics being hosted in the country in which I have been born and raised has unsurprisingly done very little in changing my life. Apart from the traffic in London it’s no major thing, especially since I no longer live in London. That doesn’t mean however, that I don’t, and didn’t, completely love the Olympics.

I’m not a fan of sports. I don’t watch it, it doesn’t appeal to me, I just don’t care. The only thing I get passionate about are the Football Euro and World cups. Apart from that you’ll never see me watching a full game of any sport, unless I’m being forced to.

I hated PE at school. I hated being forced to compete in a sport that a) I couldn’t play, b) didn’t want to play and c) didn’t understand. I hated that if you didn’t like, enjoy or were any good at the limited sports on offer during PE then you were immediately deemed useless. I had playful banter with all my PE teachers, but frankly they teased me for my inability to hold a hockey stick right or hit a cricket ball with enough power. I just gave as good as I got back. In the end though, I was an awkward teenager that didn’t really give a crap if I was a good basketball player; I’d have much rather been reading. Running was my only source of fun in PE, I loved cross country and they ruined that for me by telling me I was an awful team player when I refused to compete in a race (I had classes I didn’t want to miss on that day). I wasn’t a sports person, especially not at school and I was never made to forget it by the people in charge.

Still, after all the trauma that was secondary education PE, I still love the Olympics. The Olympics to me are absolutely amazing, the athletes taking part are astounding and it is inspiring to watch. The people participating in this summer’s Olympics are simply incredible. They are experts in their fields, true professionals and anyone that is able to reach such a high level in their career deserves a great amount of respect. Even for those that do not qualify for finals, or that come last in their races are still impeccable humans. They show us that dedication and commitment can turn the human body into an even better machine that it already is.

The moment that Jessica Ennis won Gold

There’s a certain scientific interest in watching the Olympics. In seeing the human body be pushed in all areas and seeing how it copes so fantastically. In seeing what hours of training, balanced eating and a solid regime can achieve. If I was told the science behind the PE back when I was a slightly over confident 15 year old, if I was told what I could make my body do and what I could achieve in power, speed, and agility then I would have been more willing to give absolutely everything to PE. Even if my chances of being a professional sportsperson were so slim that pigs were likelier to fly first.

At the risk of sounding like a doe eyed teenage girl meeting whichever pop idol is famous nowadays, the Olympics are beautiful. They are showing sportsmen and sportswomen at their very finest. Yes, some of those people will not perform to their best on the day and they will be disappointed but they are incredible. To be the best in the world, at whatever you do, makes you a pretty amazing human. I don’t usually watch a load of sport on TV, as previously mentioned, but I will always be enthralled by the Olympics and the same will happen with the Paralympics. There’s something incredible about it, a unity and a talent that makes it so watchable. Even though I’m supporting Great Britain and Portugal (respectively) I am not gutted if we don’t gain a medal in whatever sport we’re competing in. The achievement to get to the Olympics is brilliant enough.

I may have hated PE but who can hate brilliance? It’s why I’ll always love the Olympics. A true show of athleticism and sportspeople at their greatest.

Ben Ainslie

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Eat, Learn, Move.

Eat, Learn, Move: an amazing trilogy made by 3 guys who who travelled to 11 countries in 44 days, travelling over 38,000 miles. The videos have been commissioned by STA Travel Australia who have probably now got the best advertisement ever made in the whole history of the entire world. Yes, I am that in love with these films and have been for a little while now.

I know these videos are a little old, but I don’t care. I watch them every time I need a little inspiration, a pick up or some motivation because what this guy did with his two friends is what I dream of doing. It’s what I will do one day.


These videos show true workmanship in their editing, the music and the filming. It’s all so beautiful and I realised I hadn’t included it on the blog: a crime. So here they are, three fabulous films shot by three friends that will make you want to pack your bags and just go where the wind takes you. Eat, Learn and Move. Enjoy.

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Living with a Lion: My childhood dream confirmed

When I was small, about three or four, I went to see Father Christmas like all kids do during the Christmas period. I was very eager to sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted. He asked me the question he’d probably asked 1000 different children before me, I looked at him, took a deep breath and said “I want a real lion, a tiger, a giraffe, a hippo and an elephant.” Understandably Father Christmas didn’t know what to say, he gave me a wrapped up present while telling me that would be hard for him to get but he would try his best. My mum ushered me out before I showed him my disappointment. I don’t remember this lovely incident, but my mum never fails to tell me when we’re talking about things around that subject area.

I remember watching a show when I was young about a lady that lived with two lions and a tiger, nobody believes me when I talk about this programme but I really did see it. I must have been about seven. Sadly I watched it alone so there are no witnesses to this wonder of a show. Deep down inside I would still love to live with huge wild animals just because it’s possible. They could come and go as they please    but they would love me as much as I loved them. I’d protect them and they’d protect me. It would be a beautiful thing.

While going through my daily ritual of looking through a few blogs of the many that I try to visit as much as possible, I found a photo of a woman reading a book her head resting on a beautiful male lion’s mane. I did some research into this photograph to find out it’s authenticity and where it’s from (a benefit to becoming a student, researching everything becomes a normality).

The photo that caused my heart to beat a little faster with joy

Lo and behold I found a wonderful website (http://www.retronaut.co/2012/01/living-with-a-lion-1970s/) with all the glorious pictures of this beautiful lion living with, what seems like, an average family. My childhood dream was a reality!!

Is this really real? There are plenty more photos on the website that show the lion playing with the kids, sleeping in the kitchen and chilling with the dad of the family while he’s reading his paper. This is all the evidence that I need to have now decided to reclaim that childhood fantasy of mine when I was three or four. I WILL befriend a lion. Pretty sure I won’t be able to buy one from my local pet store though.