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Angry TigerI feel like this. The reason for that is multi-faceted and not very hard to explain. But I won’t explain it because I was once told you should never write when you are consumed with emotion – or you should never write anything that may be seen by others when you are consumed with emotions. The best time to write is when your mind is so quiet that you can hear everything you have ever felt and dreamed of and everything you will feel and dream of. You want your mind to be a blank slate rather than a twisted web where you can’t find beginnings or ends.

I often find it harder to write when I am calm. I like to write when an idea sweeps me up in it like a gigantic wave and I have to swim to keep afloat. But maybe that’s why so many things lie unfinished in my desk drawers or in forgotten folders on my laptop. Once the wave of excitement is gone I’m too scared, too judgemental of my own writing to carry on.

That’s the thing with emotions, it is very easy to get swept up in the moment – that’s no bad thing of course, but it does not bode well for when those emotions pass and you are left with the consequences of following your emotions and thinking of little else. I don’t mean in gestures of love, or crazy moments of adventure or of finally taking that step to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Songs, films and novels are created based on those emotional triggers and catching the magic in them.

But there are times when it is best to think, take a step back and breathe. Soak it in and embrace it without having to significantly alter your life or risk altering it in a negative way.

We are not robots obviously and our emotions help make us the people that we are but it’s also worth embracing the calm – the ‘nothing’ – between those moments of euphoria or sadness or anger. It is, after all, where we live most of our lives; not in the extreme but the in-between. I think we would do well to embrace that and enjoy it too. We may become happier, more balanced and better people. Not everything has to be life and death. Joy, or satisfaction, can come from the medium too.


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Anger: a multifaceted emotion

How I feel when I'm angry...although I don't look quite as amazing.

There is a fine balance when you enter into the realm of angry feeling. I know many see it as a bad emotion, one that should be repressed and I agree, to a point. However, it is healthy to allow yourself to feel anger every once in a while, like everything else you shouldn’t let that be the only thing you feel but anger is good I think. It’s a multifaceted emotion, like a lot of things, it’s stereotype isn’t necessary the die hard truth.

Getting angry almost shows you care enough about something to get mad over it. I know that’s a dangerous statement to make, I have sometimes felt such anger that when I do finally calm down, I realise it was unnecessary to fall to such extremes. But I can get angry, not mad rage angry but frustrated angry, when having a discussion with someone and I feel passionately that they’re wrong and they feel the same towards my views. It doesn’t mean I want to break their neck or punch them in the face. That sort of anger is more frustration at not being able to make someone see my point, or not being able to explain myself properly to understand why I think the way I do (even if they then choose to prove I’m an idiot).

There’s the sort of anger that you can’t control, which makes you shake and want to break things. This sort of anger is obviously, at least for me, far more damaging. Especially if it gets the better of you, and as soon as those little angry nerves disappear, you end up feeling like an idiot and regretting whatever you said or broke or whatever. Still, I think it’s good to let ourselves get into extreme emotions; I think it stops us from becoming robots to be honest. It shows we’re still capable of extreme emotions (as long as we don’t let them get the better of us).

Anger is a multifaceted emotion and although considered a negative, it helps reignite our passion, it refuels our ambition and it’s an important emotion in helping us realise our mistakes and our desires.

So when you feel yourself getting angry, don’t suppress it straight away. Embrace it, take deep breaths and enjoy it. Your allowed to get angry, just as you’re allowed to be sad, excited, hyperactive or annoyed. Don’t let it consume you and with time you’ll realise you’ll be able to handle the emotion quite well. And soon enough you won’t get angry as easily because it’s no longer taboo, it’s just a normal emotion like boredom, glee and scared.