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A little bit of hope

Today a very obvious conclusion settled atop my head. Do not laugh when you hear what I have to say, we all have to learn different lessons at different paces.

My lightbulb moment is this: money is not what makes the world go round, hope is. Hope is what is consistently sold to us, hope is what makes us keep going and what keeps the world ticking over.

It is hope that makes people buy lottery tickets every single week even though their chances of winning are a million to one. It is hope that keeps people (though not as many as it should be) voting for a better country. It is hope that makes people buy that exercise video or those new clothes the mannequin is wearing.

A little bit of hope goes a long way and it is enough, even a flash of it, to help people carry on. Without hope, there is a sense of pointlessness. Hope is all it takes to help people get up in the morning and carry on their day. The hope of a better tomorrow is all it needs.

But there has to be more than hope for happiness. Hope is an emotion that looks to the future and forgets the present. It dismisses it as not being good enough which does not bode well for a healthy mentality.

A little bit of hope is good and a boost to the mind. If hope is all you have though, then you’re not really living, you’re just waiting for something better to come along.

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1 more graduate in the world

On the 19th July at 4pm my graduation begins. Three years are coming to an official end and I will be handed a piece of paper by an apparently important man wearing some robes and told ‘Congratulations.’

I don’t really know what to make of being a graduate, I got my results whilst in New York and I’m happy. Obviously, because I am not a decedent of Einstein’s, I did not get perfect marks. Due to lack of perfection, it took me roughly 24 hours before I could be fully happy with my 2:1 degree.

I ordered my gown, hood and mortar board yesterday. It was expensive just to hire it for a mere two hours. To buy the damn thing was extortionate: the hat alone (effectively just a cardboard square wrapped in black cloth) was £105.00. Insanity; you’d think after putting me in thousands of pounds of debt they could at least give me the hat. Jerks. At least I’ll feel like Harry Potter in my graduation robes; that, at least, gives me some comfort. I’m not even ashamed to admit that.

But I can’t help thinking that university is a much smaller deal than many people make it out to be. Especially in today’s society where jobs have double the amount of applicants; and unemployment is such an over talked about subject that people have just accepted that that’s the way things are. University and getting a degree, like I’ve said before, are just stepping stones. It’s good to have for the experience and the opportunities it has for you when you’re there.

I don’t think it should be sold as the best experience of your life though. If university is the best time of your life, that means out of the 80 or so years of your life expectancy. Only three near the first eighth of your life have been worth it. How silly.

When I graduate, I’ll be feeling proud. I’m coming out of these three years with more experience and more confidence in my ability. But that hasn’t just come from my course, that’s come from living away from home, from falling in love with the boy and from falling out and making new friends.

Many of the things I studied will probably be little use to me in terms of subject matter. In terms of teaching me how to learn, investigate, research, revise and ask for help however; they have done a lot for me.

Graduation is a lovely ceremony to have at the end of university. An accumulation of recognition for the three years of hard work that I have put into my degree. However, like the rest of the university bubble, I cannot help admit that it is over expensive (tickets cost £15 each) and a little superficial considering that I will be handed my certificate by someone I have never even met. That is likely to not even know my name.

I’m nervous and excited about graduation. My brain still can’t quite comprehend that it is just next week and although I may criticise university and it’s capitalist ways, I’ll be throwing my little black hat in the air just like everyone else and I’ll be one of the happiest people in the world come Thursday 19th July. Even if I am just another graduate in the world.

I MUST remember to get a photo like this.

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The beautiful curse of rose-tinted glasses

We all own a pair. We didn’t buy them, we were born with them – almost like a freebie that comes with life. Use them when you want but the small print on these things forces us to always use them when something is coming to an end. Be it a relationship, university or the life of a pet.

Rose tinted glasses. Don’t deny it, you’ve used them. Everyone loves a little reminiscing.

I’ve been using my rose tinted glasses a lot as of late since the end of exams, the end of my final year and the end of living with the boy. They seem to have developed a little though, as these rose tinted glasses usually do, and have found themselves with a sprinkle of perspective, like the morning dew on the grass.

It’s strange how the memory works when you’re standing so close to what’s just happened: we beautify it to such an extent that we become nostalgic for it and forget to be excited for the future. The thing is university for me has been an experience: a positive one as well as a negative one. Looking back now, with the crack of perspective on my rose tinted glasses I’m glad I’m not making out my time at university has being one big fairytale. The beauty of life comes from the imperfections too.

The truth is my university experience, like anything in life, is that there were bad things as well as good. I won’t shy away from the negatives because they tended to do more as learning experiences than some of the good. Rose tinted glasses are a blessing and a curse.

Rose tinted glasses idealise the past in such a way that sometimes you can forget that the best is still to come. I’m a strong believer in learning from the past but leaving it there, because that is where it belongs; you can’t change it, you can’t make it better (or worse), it is what it is. Accept it and move on. Rose tinted glasses are a great thing in helping people feel grateful and helping them to remember good, positive things; however focusing on the past for too long is just detrimental. Be thankful you had a good time, embrace the bad ones and then move on.

Don’t forget but don’t focus. I think I’ll be stepping on my rose tinted glasses come to think of it. I like to remember ALL of it then be grateful that I had more good times than bad and be happy in the knowledge that I got through those bad times and I’m happier.

Who needs rose tinted glasses anyway. It happened, it’s over, be happy.

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To Future Generations

I know what I am about to write may sound terribly hypocritical considering I’ve created this blog with the principal aim of saving money and logging my progress but still, bare with me.

To Future Generations

I want you to know that money isn’t everything. It’s important but it is not the secret to happiness; this I can assure you off. Don’t feel despondent if you don’t have money. Just remember that the most important things in life are free (kind of like those heart-warming MasterCard adverts): love, fun, family, friends are the things that will make you happy however if you’re paying for any of these things then something is seriously wrong and it’s not the real deal. Stop paying and walk away, I know you’re smart enough to know that that is simple logic.

As important as saving is remember it’s just as crucial to treat yourself from time to time and enjoy life. Be that by buying some new clothes, getting yourself a haircut or going away for a little while. Work hard, play hard.

Do not let your life be overrun with an obsession with money; it will consume you and then the important things: the things that will make you happy like a walk on the beach or a kiss from a lover or a hug from a friend will become less common. Obsessions are all consuming; do not let it consume you. Think about it, it’s just a few pieces of metal and some paper that’s easier to rip than normal writing paper. A money’s worth comes from not only what’s imprinted on it but from what you allow it to be worth to you.

Good luck with everything.

Love me.

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Show me the Money!

Okay, so since I decided that I’m on this money saving mission I have been envisioning just how to save my pennies and pounds. The boy says that banks and people in the money business say this is the best way to save: by setting a goal and imagining how you’re going to do it. So I’m on the right track apparently: woo hoo!

The thing is, in my envisioning of my potential possibilities of pocketing more money I have realised that £10,000 is a bit of an unrealistic goal, unless I’m super smart about it. Technically speaking if you believe my scribbling on blank envelopes I can’t actually save that much in the time limit I’ve set. I kind of already knew this but I’ve never let a little thing like logic get in my way and so I’ll persevere. I’ve already got two jobs lined up that I had before I came up with this insanely brilliant idea of saving lots! I’m really looking forward to starting both. They’ll be great experience for the future, they’re both paid and they’ll be teaching me things that I will probably need to know for the career I’m aspiring for. And then I also have my degree which I really want to get a first in and it’s the reason why I’m at university after all. Not enough time, social recluse, endless work are all scary words that come into mind when thinking about it.

But just because something is hard and strewn with difficulties doesn’t mean it can’t be done and it doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth it. It’s another goal I can add to my to do list, written neatly at the end: ‘make more money than you have ever had in your whole entire life, make it in a year’ Put that way it sounds almost easy(!) So I’ve pictured how to save the money, I’ve made my calculations and figured out that this is going to require even more dedication than even I (a planner) had anticipated (naive I know).

But I’ve done what apparently financially smart people suggest when embarking on a saving mission; although just because you work in a bank doesn’t really make you money savvy in my opinion. However I’m willing to try, I mean so far I have no money whatsoever but I start work soon and university starts soon and my loan will gloriously and thankfully enter my starving bank account and that’s when the real saving will begin! For the time being it is preparation. Bring. It. On.