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A simple message

MotivationThese are the only five words you need to really know when it comes to doing things. I am a true believer that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and work hard. Sure, some things may not work out but that isn’t due to it not being possible; usually it’s a balance between bad timing and a series of small but unfortunate events.

I’m a fan of words and I love quotes and things that stir something inside you. This one may not do that at first. Sometimes simple things are lost on human beings that thrive, yet apparently do not like, complexity.

As much as you may be able to decorate your sentences with lovely words, this is what it all comes down to – fundamentally. If you want to do something enough, you do it. If you don’t want to do something, excuses tend to be made how it would be hard to do. The truth is it all comes down to this. You can do it, you choose not to.

Sometimes people truly believe they cannot do something, that it is simply not possible, they are not ready. This lack of belief is the only thing stopping you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. This lack of belief stems from a fear of failure but (do you see a theme?) you can do it. What’s the worse that can happen?

You fall, you get back on and you learn. Embrace that childlike nature of having no fear, of believing anything is possible and that you can do it.

*I realise I sound a little like a politician but the simple messages are usually taken by politicians as they are the easiest to make an audience of millions understand. It’s the simple messages that can truly inspire – if they are read or heard in the way they should be.




Wanderlust: noun, a great desire to travel and rove about, a desire for wandering.

I have wanted to explore the world and travel since a time before a steady memory developed for me. It’s been something that I’ve always wanted to do and as I, apparently grow up, the more determined I am to make that dream a reality.

I don’t think I’d be happy, living my whole life in one place without seeing at least a little bit of the world. Planet Earth is a big place and it would be silly to not use the time I have exploring places that most people only see through their TV screens.

I am hoping to travel in roughly a years time. A backpacking trip around South America with the boy. Hopefully, fingers crossed. Rough plans have been decided and the little details are slowly being ironed out. If it goes according to plan – it’ll be my first step towards exploring the world. My mum is afraid I won’t come back. I’m afraid I won’t want to.

I have a massively long list of places I want to go, people I want to meet and things I want to do while I’m out there on a massive adventure, not just in South America but future exploits around the globe. It won’t be easy and it’ll take planning and money and time. But I don’t care. It will be worth it. For me, it would be a terrible waste of my life if I didn’t see the things I read about in books and magazines, the places I dream about and see on television. The roads less travelled and the ones concreted over for their popularity.

Travelling to me is a way to see something different, to grow and to learn. To fully realise, have it thrown in your face type realisation, that the world is a big place full of lots of amazing things. You are just a part of a huge ecosystem, a massive universe. I like that feeling. I think it’s why I love the stars.

To quench my wanderlust at least a tiny bit, I devour travel articles, blogs, videos, TV shows – everything. One day soon it will be my turn. It’ll be my opportunity to take a few steps away from my front door and throw myself out there.

How very exciting.

A beautiful colourful world map. Makes it even more beautiful, in an arty way. Found on Piccsy, link is here: http://piccsy.com/2011/06/lovely-colourful-world-map


Wild One

What is wild? According to the dictionary wild means: living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated. So essentially it’s someone that hasn’t had the training or the education to fit our society’s norms.

A lot of people, and if today’s music and films are to be believed someone that’s described as wild usually likes to drink, have fun, and live more for entertainment than anything else. They tend to cause their parent’s headaches. I guess that means I’m not wild. Yes, I get drunk every once in a while (a rarity of late due to work: my wild reputation would already be in tatters as a result) and yes sometimes I do stupid things but I’m not out of control which is what the word wild used in today’s manner implies. Strange really because I don’t see the word wild in this way. The word that springs to mind when I am told of reckless or irresponsible behaviour is stupid not wild. I don’t care if Drake sings that it’s his ‘birthday and he’ll get high if he wants to’ because he’s a wild guy. It doesn’t make the word mean substance abuse makes you a wild character.

I like to think that the word wild means acting on instinct. It means dancing in the rain because you want to, or climbing that mountain because you’ve always wanted to see the sunset from that high. It’s being brave enough to tell someone to ‘leave you alone’ because they’re a drain on your happiness, or taking the plunge and telling him or her that you love them. A wild animal isn’t stupid, they act on instinct; pouncing on their prey, attacking or running away when the time feels right. They want to survive so they live on instinct but that instinct tells them not to be stupid or reckless. They need to survive.

This is a wild animal (not the drunken person you saw staggering home on a Friday night)

I think that meaning of wild got lost in the plethora of singers singing about wild parties and films showing high teenagers having an ‘awesomely wild’ adventure. But that’s not wild, it’s just stupid. That’s ignoring all the instincts telling you to survive and be alert – just in case. I’m not judging people who drink (as I am guilty of enjoying the odd alcoholic beverage). I am not judging those that decided that having a good time is getting totally wasted on whatever substance you choose: vodka, weed or glue or all I know. But I do think people should be clear that that isn’t them being a crazy, wild and thus exciting person. It isn’t. Simple as.

Wild is bravery, acting on instinct to create amazing adventures that you’ll remember the morning after. Wild is throwing society’s constraints on you away and doing things your way. It’s being smart enough to live life properly doing wild and crazy things like a a parachute jump or swimming with sharks.

Being the wild one is being unafraid to live each day as if it is your last. Being the wild one doesn’t mean you want to being incoherent and lose control for a few hours all  for the honour of saying ‘man I was SO drunk last night’, being the wild one is being able to tell stories that sound like make-believe because they’re so incredible. It’s doing the impossible just because you can.


Hi, I’m a girl.

I was born belonging to the 50% of the world’s population that is female. As such I have been brought up in a certain way. I hit puberty and developed different thoughts and feelings; some that could be considered to be ‘stereotypical’ girl thoughts, and others that could be considered ‘man’ thoughts, and for the more liberal of you: just random thoughts of a random person. To be honest, the only thing that differs me, a female, from my male counterparts are my genitals and my inability (in comparison) to grow facial hair.

I have heard many, many arguments at the young age of twenty about women not having the same rights as men. About discrimination of women still being very much around and how it isn’t. Basically, as the stereotype goes (for all humans, not just for women) we can’t seem to make our minds up.

Lately, the media was whipped up to attention when actress, Ashely Judd when she hit back on ‘puffy face’ rumours to comment on the media’s treatment of women. Good for her for getting her voice heard on such a grey area. Without detracting from what I hear is an excellent argument (I haven’t managed to read it yet sadly, blame the uni work), she only felt the need to write what has been reported to be an eloquent but angry argument after she, herself, was attacked with rumours.

I have always had an interest in women rights. Obviously as a female, you could say: rightly so. But really what interests me about women’s rights is that they are different, and in addition, to human rights. In my very youthful opinion of the world (I am still learning) I think that any type of discrimination: positive or negative is still discrimination, whether it is wrong or right is another matter.

Women and men are different, you can’t really dispute that. Women have only been recognised as able to work (in British society at least) since WWII when, frankly, society had no choice but to allow women to work in the factories while all the men were giving up their lives for ‘King and Country’. This was what women had been waiting for: an opportunity. When the soldiers did return from war, many found they were out of a job because women were doing it for cheaper. Women were what young and foreign workers are today: a cheap resource; willing to work for less pay than others. If you consider this, it is no wonder there is a smaller percentage of women in today’s most powerful positions. The history of society is a long one where men have always been in power, as awful as it sounds they led for the majority of history (not including some great Queens, warriors and other female leaders); it is logical then that it will take women a little longer to reach and surpass these glass ceilings.

Men have been dominating certain industries for many, many years and thus have a ‘head start’ of sorts in being a preference to women. Women can get there of course. We live in a world that although it changes greatly every minute is inhabited by a huge population that either do not like change or are slow to change; due to this we need to give it time for women to be seen as equal as men. It’s not right but it’s just the way it goes.

The silver lining is shining so clearly on this situation it’s blinding. Women have been given a platform because of the constant argument about the inequality between women and men and things such as the pay gap (a real thing, I have read and seen arguments disputing this but you can’t argue with the stats). It’s not really inequality but an understanding but a natural progression and evolution that should improve. Women now have voices something that was not considered appropriate or even allowed not THAT long ago. That’s a big deal.

Hi, I’m a girl. If I show too much flesh I may be considered a slut; if I go out and laugh too hard I may be considered easy; if I try to correct someone I may be considered arrogant; if I say that I love shopping I may be considered brainless. I could go on. But I digress,  I am a girl. Just another human. I have the same basic needs and wants as any other girl or boy. I am living in just the same way, breathing the same air, dancing the same music and looking at the same stars as every other boy and girl. I am fighting just like the other billion people on this planet to have my voice heard and make my mark, not because I’m a girl and I feel there’s a fight there but because I’m one of those ambitious humans.

Your gender says nothing about you, society puts those stereotypes, gender rules and discriminations above each person’s head. It’s your choice to go along with it. I’m a girl but it does not define what paths I take. It doesn’t actually dictate anything about me apart from that I have the option to give birth to a child (something so painful I hear people pass out from it: woo hoo). You are your greatest obstacle.

Hi, I’m a girl. So what?

Oh and men tend to leave the toilet seat up...can't forget that one.


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Eat, Learn, Move.

Eat, Learn, Move: an amazing trilogy made by 3 guys who who travelled to 11 countries in 44 days, travelling over 38,000 miles. The videos have been commissioned by STA Travel Australia who have probably now got the best advertisement ever made in the whole history of the entire world. Yes, I am that in love with these films and have been for a little while now.

I know these videos are a little old, but I don’t care. I watch them every time I need a little inspiration, a pick up or some motivation because what this guy did with his two friends is what I dream of doing. It’s what I will do one day.


These videos show true workmanship in their editing, the music and the filming. It’s all so beautiful and I realised I hadn’t included it on the blog: a crime. So here they are, three fabulous films shot by three friends that will make you want to pack your bags and just go where the wind takes you. Eat, Learn and Move. Enjoy.

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Idea Thieves

Today I am tired and a little frustrated. The cause of the tiredness is that sleeping, this past week at least, seems be an after thought rather than something that needs to be done. The cause of my frustration is working very hard to have others take credit for my work and ideas. I know it happens all the time. I know that they say there is no such thing as an original idea, just a well – hidden source. I know that it’s supposedly a form of flattery. I know that, without even being fully aware, I do it too. But this doesn’t remove or decrease from my frustration.

A bag full of ideas, none his own, the scoundrel!

What is most frustrating about having your ideas ‘borrowed’ is that those people could, if they really wanted tom think of their own ideas. Probably better ideas than mine or those that they are taking. But they don’t. They don’t be cause they’re unconfident in their abilities, lazy or plain ignorant; in all these cases they’re idiots. Idiots for thinking it’s okay to steal someone else’s idea, idiots for thinking that this won’t catch up with them one day when they have no one to lean on, idiots for thinking that this stealing of other’s ideas is bettering them and idiots for thinking that it’s okay to take someone’s ideas and use them as their own. I have heard my own words regurgitated in meetings by people of higher ranking and I believe, better intelligence. Why can’t they come up with their own damn innovations?

Those people taking credit where credit is not due like a greedy kid stealing the last piece of chocolate cake, are just screwing themselves over. They become self reliant and stop using the buzzing synapses in their brain that have all these crazy schemes. I’m sure there are people using someone’s idea, developing it etc and then, even if they do take credit, saying thank you. But I’m not sure if I read of this type of person in a fairytale or they’re a figment of my imagination, conjured up because my brain was tired of working for no reward.

The thing is, sadly, that many do steal ideas from those they believe better than them and then use this as a foundation to let their own brilliance shine. This is a different type of idea thief to the one I am frustrated with. The idea thief I am talking about, talks the talk and then steals, imitates and takes the walk from whoever they can. They then run around promoting their brilliance on their fantastic new, stolen, idea. They make themselves believe that they were the ones that came up with the original plan, uttered those first words that got the ball rolling. Urgh.

These types of idea thieves don’t build on anything. I don’t mind having ideas stolen if they then evolve and become better. That’s good, that’s me helping in my own very small way to let someone better, richer, more powerful or more famous than me create something amazing. That’s inspiration rather than theft.

Stealing an idea like the thieves that make my blood boil without developing or adding to it is essentially stealing someone’s work and then scribbling their name out to add your own. It’s not clever, it’s stupid. But sadly, idea thieves like the ones I want to punch will forever be a part of the working world, the creative world and every other world in between. That’s just the way it goes.

In the meantime until I can distinguish all the idea thieves from everyone else I will be wearing cellotape on my mouth and a tinfoil hat on my head. Just in case they’ve developed mind reading abilities also.