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When I can’t find the words

When I can’t find the words, or they feel inadequate, I usually look at pictures and other people’s words or go and do something else to see if I can find them.

Sometimes the words will come right to the edge of my brain and then when I try to grab them, they slip away like eels. It leaves me a little confused because I don’t know how to express how I’m feeling and that leaves me with deep thoughts. But I enjoy my time swimming in them.

Today, maybe because I’m tired, I couldn’t catch my words. I stepped away and it didn’t help. I looked at other words and that didn’t help and then I went into my contemplating mood and realised how I was feeling but I still couldn’t find the words that gave those feelings justice. I started randomly browsing and after less than 30 seconds I found an image that described my feelings – in the grand scheme of things – completely.

Azealia Banks by Matt Barnes. Found on piccsy.com

Azealia Banks by Matt Barnes. Found on piccsy.com

I am happy. I am lucky. And, most of all, I am extremely grateful. This picture sums it up very well. Sometimes, I just can’t find the words and there’s no shame in that. An image can speak for itself.


To tumblr or not to tumblr?

Tumblr has been around for AGES! I would tell you the exact time, but I’m writing this just before breakfast, my mum is kindly making a buffet of sorts for me and my sister since it’s her day off (Man, I love being home!) and the smell of toast and glorious food is mighty distracting. I’ve been checking out tumblr blogs for a very long time (that sounds creepy, I assure you it’s not: I just like the pretty pictures). The blogs I follow, I follow through my own inclination and haven’t technically clicked the ‘follow’ button. This is because to follow a tumblr blog, as far as I know, you have to be a tumblr member.

This is where my Shakespearian question of a title comes into play. To tumblr or not to tumblr?  My sister has a tumblr of her own and has said, quite aptly, that it’s basically a picture blog. Thinking about it: if a picture paints a thousand words ad people are posting at least two images a day, a lot is being said – with the minimal amount of effort since many of the images are not the person’s own. So what are the benefits of a tumblr?

I’m not quite sure. I think, like a blog, it’s a chance to express yourself without having to write a post each time. Especially for those that don’t want to write an essay every time they want to add something to their little space of musings and mumblings. (I think I like the sound of my internal voice to much to find this an issue). However I have hundreds of beautiful images on my laptop: two or three I’ve taken myself, many I’ve found when trawling the internet, some from magazines which I’ve scanned in etc. I would like to be able to show these images that inspire me to the great world wide web. Yet, I find myself doubting if I could have a tumblr and a wordpress. It’s hard enough to keep just one, I assure you.

Lately, tumblr has become a phenomena. Pintinterest and weheartit also continue to be popular haunts for picture lovers alike. Again, two sites that I’m reluctant to join. For now, I think I’ll keep my images saved in a uniquely titled folder of ‘Randomness’ until I am convinced that getting a tumblr is a good idea. Right now it just seems to me, that it’s more a youth thing (even though I am still a child at 20; I am at that stupid age where depending on my mood, I’m either a child, a teenager, or an adult).

At the moment, I’ll keep checking out all the glorious blogs that I do venture to read on wordpress and look at on tumblr. But I won’t be adding myself as a number to the very large, ever growing statistic of members that tumblr has. I can live vicariously through my sister’s tumblr (http://do-woop-do.tumblr.com/) instead!