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As someone who earns a living by writing (that is probably the best sentence I’ve ever, ever written), I truly believe with all my heart and soul that words have a lot of power. Words are everything. But a little action is needed. Words can take you a long way but if you never follow through or put those ideas and words into practice then they can never take to the places you talk about. Ideas are wonderful – making them into a reality is even better and that takes actions as well as words.


A rant on a stupid image

Stupid QuoteI saw this image on Piccsy.com about three days ago and it annoyed me so much that I have had to write a blog post on it. Reading it, you may not see where my anger lies and my annoyance may say more about me than it does about the damn image but I need to get this off my chest before it makes me yell at someone who doesn’t deserve it.

My issue comes with the second line. The first line is fine: ‘don’t ignore your dreams’ – a beautiful sentiment and one I fully support but the second line makes a judgement on those dreams. ‘Don’t work too much’ sums up in four lovely words what is wrong with so much in today’s world.

Firstly, it indicates that work cannot be a dream. That your dreams can not surround the working world or any sort of professional accomplishment because, after all, to achieve said professional accomplishment working hard is exactly what you need to do.This then ties in to the mentality that work is crap and you only do it for the money. This may be true for many people, but it removes aspiration and inspiration. It means a person will never want to grow professionally because they feel it is just means to an end. But the truth is that you spend most of your adult life working, if you can’t be happy at work and feel like you can grow then you won’t be happy at work and you won’t do as well. It means you won’t progress and that mood will affect your personal life. It means happiness can never be properly attained because you don’t feel properly fulfilled. Basically, in my opinion, it’s a ridiculous way to live.

To rule out work as a means to an end is the same as ruling out living in a home because you spend more time out of it. Sounds stupid right?

To finish this pointless quote with ‘Be Happy’ further tries to push the point that to be happy you should spend your life playing around, being so outspoken you’re classed as rude and spending time with your friends. Happiness is a lot of things and work should not be dismissed as something that can make people happy. Doing this just enforces a lazy culture of wanting something for nothing and that the easy road is the best one.

Work does not have to be tiresome, boring and a dark tunnel. Work can be stimulating, enjoyable and fulfilling. It can be the cause of happiness and for some people, there reason for happiness.

Many people already see work as a chore when they should see it as an opportunity to be better, get better and do better. Stupid, pointless, ridiculous quotes like this subliminally enforce the message and that is why this picture has infuriated me so. It is not inspiring, and just because a few short sentences are placed prettily on top of a beautiful background does not make them so, especially when the best you can do is ‘Be Happy’ – aw thanks genius – I wasn’t sure what to do with my life until I saw this.


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A simple message

MotivationThese are the only five words you need to really know when it comes to doing things. I am a true believer that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and work hard. Sure, some things may not work out but that isn’t due to it not being possible; usually it’s a balance between bad timing and a series of small but unfortunate events.

I’m a fan of words and I love quotes and things that stir something inside you. This one may not do that at first. Sometimes simple things are lost on human beings that thrive, yet apparently do not like, complexity.

As much as you may be able to decorate your sentences with lovely words, this is what it all comes down to – fundamentally. If you want to do something enough, you do it. If you don’t want to do something, excuses tend to be made how it would be hard to do. The truth is it all comes down to this. You can do it, you choose not to.

Sometimes people truly believe they cannot do something, that it is simply not possible, they are not ready. This lack of belief is the only thing stopping you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. This lack of belief stems from a fear of failure but (do you see a theme?) you can do it. What’s the worse that can happen?

You fall, you get back on and you learn. Embrace that childlike nature of having no fear, of believing anything is possible and that you can do it.

*I realise I sound a little like a politician but the simple messages are usually taken by politicians as they are the easiest to make an audience of millions understand. It’s the simple messages that can truly inspire – if they are read or heard in the way they should be.