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Why I will always love Leonardo DiCaprio

The clocks went back on Saturday so although we gained an extra hour in bed which is always a positive thing, it also means it is dark by 5:30pm and it’ll only get darker, earlier. This is why I hate winter. Acting on purely selfish reasons, I have decided to cheer myself up by listing my top reasons as to why I will always love Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel bad because, technically speaking, this should include Ryan Gosling. Now I’m thinking about Ryan Gosling. Okay this now includes Ryan Gosling.

Also, if the lovely boyfriend is reading this, I am sorry for making these feelings public. It is in the hope that Leonardo DiCaprio/ Ryan Gosling will feel sorry for not reciprocating my love for him and maybe take us on holiday, or buy me a puppy. Either one. My love for you is not in question, obviously. But you never know with the internet so I thought I’d make it clear. I love you.

Okay, back to my reasons for loving Leonardo DiCaprio. And Ryan Gosling.

They are beautiful.

This is superficial but also fact which I feel, takes away from the superficiality. It is also a great excuse to put some images on here of their fine selves. Although I do not agree with the objectifying of men and women, it is pitch black at 6:30pm and very cold. This is justification.

I had to include this image. HAD TO.

They are amazingly talented.

If I were to chop off either Gosling or DiCaprio’s little finger it would be more talented than me. Easily (and not just because I have no talent). They are incredible actors. Leonardo DiCaprio should have won an Oscar by now. He plays every role extremely convincingly making all his movies watchable, relatable and completely intoxicating. Ryan Gosling has only recently been showing his acting credentials to a better, more varied degree. He is brilliant at being intense and you cannot help but be captured by his presence in most films (even if he keeps his clothes on) watch Blue Valentine and Drive and thank me later.

Leonardo DiCaprio is humanist, animal and planet lover.

I’m sure Ryan Gosling is too. But Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be an active campaigner and supporter of animal rights and protection as well as ways on continuing to protect this planet. A conscious celebrity makes him lose any sort of pretentiousness someone that earns millions for a film could be expected to have. It also makes me love him a little more. He is aware. Hollywood has not consumed him and he seems open minded to a bigger world than his beautiful face and epic facial hair.

Mr DiCaprio is currently putting his name to Vote4Stuff – a campaign to encourage people to register to vote and get voting. A pretty awesome thing. What an awesome guy.

So as not to leave Ryan Gosling out of this point, here is a picture of him with a dog. See, he’s a caring soul too.

I know the dog doesn’t look comfortable but he is apparently scared of escalators. That’s what you’re seeing in the dog’s face: fear from the escalator not discomfort at being carried.

Smooth and humble.

I tried to make this point as smooth and humble as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling. I’m pretty sure I failed. Oh well. I know they are media trained and obviously smart men but they come across so well in interviews that I have decided to fully accept and believe that they are as incredibly humble and smooth as they come across in interviews. Even when they’re awkward.

They’re beautiful

Have I mentioned that already? Damn it. Oh well, here’s more photos to prove my point.

I could continue but due to fears of being classed a stalker/insane/obsessed fan. I will stop. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling: if you’re reading this I am none of those things. I am just an admirer of your acting talents. I should mention you are also on my Christmas list. Just saying.


Niche, niche, niche

I’ve spoken to a few journalists, editors etc and they have all told me the same advice: get a niche, a speciality. Apparently Jack of all Trades isn’t the most popular guy in the room any longer. Luckily I never fitted into this whole ‘all trades’ category so I don’t have to cry too long about any time nurturing a unneeded talent to better my professional future unnecessarily. Niches and specialities are where it’s at at the moment. This little bit advice, although given by journalists to someone wanting to be a journalist, does not only fall into the journalistic and media career path. It’s all the rage now, to be able to have a speciality: something you’re an expert on.

To be honest, I’m not sure what to say. I write on this blog what would be deemed as comment pieces. They are opinion. In terms of journalism, when working as Deputy Editor for my student paper I wrote for all sections: film, comment, news and lifestyle to name but a few. I know what type of journalism I want to go into but how can I class myself as a specific subject writer when I haven’t had enough experience to truly be honest in this bragging right?

It’s the vicious circle of work experience again. If I don’t have the experience I can’t find the niche that’s screaming for me. If I’m not carrying said niche on my shoulder while it whispers me expert facts and makes me sound clever then I’m less likely to get the experience. Oh, how I loathe it.

I’m also not a fan of niches, mainly because I have a fear of not keeping my options open. It’s strange however that I know by choosing a niche, a section of this big old world and becoming an expert in it, I could give myself more options, more cards than I have now. Right now, I’m holding an ace, a couple of low numbers and a joker. I can risk it for a better hand. If it doesn’t work out then I just need to keep adapting until it does.

Niches are scary though. There are niches in niches in niches. It’s like the biggest maze ever taken from some crazy children’s book. Obviously the trick with the advice given to me is to become a specialist (so to speak) but not so niche that I can only write about blonde haired women featured on TV during prime time that wear green. Maybe not that drastic but you get the idea.

I guess having a niche or a speciality shows that you have the commitment and dedication to actually learn more than the average person on a subject. It shows that you can keep a focus on something for longer than five minutes (a common feature of today’s society). It’s not just what the specialist subject is about, although that’s important I guess (saying that a world renowned newspaper editor began her career on a tractor magazine). It’s about the traits it shows in you as a person.

Right, I’ve convinced myself (as if the advice wasn’t enough!). I need a niche. I’m off looking for mine, the one thing I can begin training myself to be an expert on, wish me luck. Not sure what will qualify me to one day announce that I have a niche but when that moment comes, I will make myself a badge.

Me looking for my niche. I’ll obviously be wearing clothes and carrying a bigger magnifying glass.

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A Great Poem

I debated whether to include this video just in case any bad feeling was created with those who follow me or check out my blog. However without even talking about the subject area, this man is a brilliant poet. I must say, I do agree with what he says. I have my beliefs but I do not consider myself religious. It’s just not what I choose to follow.

His poem is fantastic and it’s all filmed really well, even if you don’t agree with what he says there is no denying his incredible talent. Enjoy.