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Free of shorthand. Normality resumes.

So it’s no big secret that I have always wanted to live in a musical. Not be in a musical but actually live in one. Shorthand revision has kind of destroyed my life and yesterday I received the best news in the world, I passed my 100 words per minute. It is probably the biggest achievement of my life.

I mean I’m proud of the driving license and the fact I was able to save enough to buy my car (despite it being old enough to be someone’s grandmother – if it were a human obviously), my degree and my wonderful job and the fact I’ve been able to keep some great friends despite my inability to hold it together and organise a meet up without planning four things for the same time. But shorthand was bloody hard and I probably had more breakdowns revising and practising for my 100wpm than I have ever had in my life, and that is saying something – I was pretty dramatic as a teenager.

Anyway I’ve passed and I’m so happy that I don’t quite believe it’s happened. I keep checking my results to make sure it hasn’t changed and so far, so good.

My pass means that I am slowly returning to the real world where I actually have free time to do what I want and where I don’t have to finish work and then go and work some more. It’s nice, I forgot what life without revision feels like. It’s pretty sweet and the thing that’s really nice is I am spending time with my family again and once I feel I have caught up with them, I’ll be able to catch up with my friends. It’s nice to have time. Time to do what I want and to have spare time to ‘waste’ doing nothing at all.

Blogging can now resume and I’m going to try really hard to get back to how it was before I fell off the face of the Earth and landed in Shorthand Land (do not let the rhyme fool you into thinking it is a happy place). I feel like Andy in The Shawshank Redemption (SPOILER) after he crawls through all that shit to escape prison and he looks up to the sky as the rain cleans it all off. Shorthand is my metaphorical shit, I am Andy, and my pass is the rain cleaning it all off me.

Here’s to hard work paying off, the desperate determination to achieve and everything working out in the end. Shorthand is done, 100 words per minute completed and normality resumes.



I feel like this guy right now. Well my brain does.

He looks a lot more relaxed than I feel. He's also doing the splits so we're obviously less similar than I initially thought.

He looks a lot more relaxed than I feel. He’s also doing the splits so we’re obviously less similar than I initially thought.

You know him, good old roadrunner. My brain seems to be imitating him at the moment, trying to work extremely fast. And then there’s my body, which is the coyote and is trying very  hard to catch up but always seems one step behind. This causes me to panic. It means that my brain is reminding me of a thousand things I need to do, say or write while my body tries not to hit my head against the wall to quieten my brain.

You see my predicament?

I have also seemed to lost a week at some point between now and the beginning of the year – which I only realised now means I must have lost last week, or am in the process of losing this week. I don’t know anymore. All I know is that my exams are next week to qualify me as a journalist/reporter. I am prepared but more needs to be done: more notes taken, more books read and more things highlighted. It’s a work in progress and anyway, revision never really ends.

I am also starting my first real journalism job as soon as my course ends where I will be a reporter for my local newspaper. (Pause for screams of hysteria). It’s so exciting that I get butterflies every time I think about it.

It means I am officially on my chosen career path and I’m one step closer to getting that dream job.  It also means there are a lot of things I need to read, sign and then give back in. Another thing my brain is screaming at me to do. Screaming so loud in fact, that my fingers are trying to type this so quickly that I’m expecting either they keyboard to set on fire or smoke to come out of my fingertips any moment now.

Okay so I have created a mental to-do list. A mixture of guilt, pure adrenalin (from realising how fast time can go when you’re not paying attention to it) and the need to revise to ease my inner-geek means that this blog post is short, pointless, probably doesn’t make much sense and is ending right here.


Feeling like an epic caveman. From a spoilt technological person.

I spent the weekend at the boy’s new house. He’s got an extra year left of university due to science degrees not being able to squeeze everything into three years. He moved into this lovely new house on Thursday and I arrived on Friday. There was no internet, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Google, YouTube and WordPress properly.

I love technology and I hate to say it, but I’m kind of a little bit addicted to the internet. When I realised, halfway through my drive, that there would be no internet I let out a little yelp of fear. The last time I had no internet was not only a pain in the arse but it was also a testing time. My imagination was required to think way and above only writing. I had to find a way of entertaining myself without counting how many strands make up a carpet. Scary right?

The weekend was amazing. Incredible in fact. Mainly because I spent it with the boy but the biggest revelation is that I didn’t miss the internet. Not even once. I didn’t miss any of it at all. I didn’t miss the crazy amount of useless information thrown before my eyes. I didn’t miss the easiness of the distraction and I didn’t miss how anti-social it could make me in the real world.

The boy and I watched films, talked, went out, played games and just enjoyed each other’s company. We weren’t bored once, we didn’t need to be online or watching stupid videos on the internet to be able to have fun.

The problem with technology and the internet nowadays is that we are allowed to have the attention span of goldfishes. We’re given the thumbs up for looking at a hundred things at once, and not looking at the details or reading the words that go alongside the images. It sounds stupid, but not having the internet meant that the distraction was removed. It meant the choice was taken away and it was no big deal. It didn’t make any difference to my life, it actually improved it in some ways.

The internet makes everything easier but it shouldn’t crowd every part of our lives. It shouldn’t be so important that at any spare moment we’re logging onto something online. The internet just adds to that excuse we give ourselves of being consistently busy even when we spend time browsing when we could be using that time productively.

I had the best weekend and I wasn’t glued to the world wide web. I was having fun, connecting and catching up with the person I love. I used my time to do something useful, my attention was always in the place I was in and the person I was with. As silly as it sounds the time I fully invested, I got back a million times over.

So although I’m glad I have the internet back now that I’ve returned home and I’m very happy to be blogging again, this weekend reminded me how unimportant the internet is. This weekend will be remembered as the best weekend ever and it has nothing to do with consistently browsing the world wide web.

As dramatic as it sounds, as I was driving up to a weekend of no internet, I was imagining myself as a bit of a caveman. Instead I lived fully in the moment without the distractions of the consistently buzzing internet. And for one weekend at least, I loved it.

The internet wasn’t even missed. And that is from a spoilt technological type person.

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Isn’t it ironic?

So I finally get internet on the second day of the second month of 2012. Halleluiah! Then I get so busy, my diary has numerous appointments, meetings and reminders written on top of each other as there is no room on the page. Which is funny because then I can’t read anything and end up sobbing in the corner in a hopeless panic that there’s so much to do, I may as well do nothing.

I then get so many tasks; so much work and a load of crappy circumstances mean that I literally have no time to write for fun. Not due to having no internet but due to having no spare time. It’s ironic really considering I’ve been waiting for the privilege of having the internet at home so I’d have time, then I have no time even though the privilege has been bestowed upon me (for a fee!)

A light bulb moment occurred on the day that lovely man with the power to get me online came to my house. I was in a lecture and suddenly my brain started screaming at me all these great titles and fantastic ideas for blog posts and articles and just general writing for fun. I wrote them all down speedily, while still trying to listen to my lecturer chatter excitedly about human’s linguistic rights (surprisingly, it’s even more interesting than I thought it may be).

I wrote everything down, all these ideas. Ideas, themes, images, themes, concepts: everything all onto a little folded piece of A4 paper. And today I finally managed to give myself a little time to write. I was extremely productive all day. Productive to the point where I was having an out of body experience and my ghost was tired for me.

I’ve finally come home through the dangerous ice and snow (I feel a rant on the dangers of ice and the inability for the council to really do much coming – but that can be for another day). I am exhausted, I want to rest, I’m hungry and all I want to do is be a little selfish and do some writing for me.

What happens? I sit on the sofa and my laptop breaks. It won’t switch on. Fantastic. I then go to get my inspired from the heavens notes with ideas, titles and whatever. And lo and behold it’s missing. Must have left it in the office. Or somewhere where I have been working today. Great.  So I have no laptop (thank God my boyfriend doesn’t mind sharing) and no brilliant ideas on what to write. My mind is too tired to think of anything itself.

Ironic really. The one time I get a little time to write and I don’t know what to write or have my own laptop to write it on. Maybe it’s a sign. But I’m a determined and persistent fool hence this post.

Hopefully they’ll grow in quality and topic as soon as I’ve rested my little rainbow coloured brain and my anti-exercise body. May your tomorrow not be filled with as much irony as my today has been.


Still no internet…

It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t have the internet. It’s marvellous to find out you don’t actually miss IT, just the convenience it brings you when needing to complete university work.

I forgot what it was like to have time; I forgot what it was like to sit in silence without hearing the buzz or drone of my laptop being forever switched on. I now only turn on my laptop to do work or something along those lines, it’s a whole new world for me. I have been without internet for about four days, five by the time I get to post this tomorrow morning when I trek onto campus. Want to know what’s crazy? I don’t feel deprived. I almost, wait for it, like it.

I have more time to sit and chill, I am not checking Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr all the time (I’m a fan of all now, an ashamed and hateful fan of Facebook, I should add, but pathetically still a fan).  I am preparing my coursework, work and paper schedules WAY early. Why? Because I can. Because I figure once the internet arrives, this calm state of bliss, organised mind and ability to spend my time doing useful things may come to an end. It makes me a little sad.

I am preparing, like those charming pessimists, for the worst though, which is reverting back to my once internet addicted state. Hence my preparation at organising my work and starting everything early; this second term at university is always an extremely busy one and with the distraction of the internet, things take that little longer to get started. (Thankfully, once I’m on a roll with work, nothing can stop me. Not even the internet, like those cheeses they roll down hills somewhere in England. I would tell you the correct name and form it into some kind of joke but I have no internet to Google it).

So I’m writing this the night before I’m posting it, after reading a chapter of my book and about to read some more. Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading onto campus to do some work and will make the most out of the internet the university provides and put this post up on wordpress, do a little research and send some emails that need to be sent. I can already tell you that I won’t check anything out on Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr like I would normally. I’ll check my emails, grab a few references for books I need and then I’ll head on home.

Geez, this no internet thing has really changed me.